Some people just cannot seem to make ends meet. According to the website of Erin B. Shank, PC, many people find themselves in a financial problem that they end up seeking advice from a credit counselor. For some people who just cannot control their spending habits, counseling is a great way to deal with a financial problem and change your attitude towards money.

According to, the average American household with at least one credit card owner owes around $15,950 in credit-card debt. So how do you know that you need the help of a credit counselor? There are tell tale signs that you need to be aware of that you need help controlling your finances. Here are some of the red flag that tells you it is time to get help:

  • You are paying your credit card bills with another credit card. You apply for more cards in order to pay for your current ones thus sinking you further into debt. If you are doing that, you are only accumulating more debt as you are also accumulating more interest.
  • You cannot pay for living expenses. You need to remember that you have basic needs that you have to satisfy such as food, housing, utilities, and more. If you are not able to meet these expenses, it is a sign that you need some help from a professional. A credit counselor can help you realign your budget so that you will be able to pay for necessary expenses.
  • You are getting calls from collectors. When your mail starts to get piled up with notices and legal letters. Having creditors knock on your door can be an embarrassing experience and you do not want that to happen. Get help from a credit counselor before it’s too late.

The best thing to do to get yourself out of credit debt is to live within your means. Do not spend on items that you do not really need.