Car drivers, not motorcyclists, need safety training about motorcycles

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Of the many different forms of transportation used across the nation, motorcycles are particularly popular, with nearly 8.5 million individuals licensed to drive a motorcycle across the U.S. These vehicles offer an appealing alternative to other vehicles due to their compact size and increased gas mileage, but they also offer less protection from other drivers on the road. Many cars do not watch carefully for motorcyclists or misjudged the distance between themselves and these smaller vehicles. This can result in dangerous accidents, with life threatening results.

Across Indiana many people choose motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation, and the Indiana motorcycle safety program aims to increase the public awareness of motorcycles on the road. Despite this however, numerous accidents involving motorcycles still occur and in 2015 alone, there were 108 fatal motorcycle crashes in Indiana. Fox 59 has reported on several of the recent motorcycle accidents in Indianapolis. In April of 2017, a motorcyclist was severely injured in a crash early in the morning near Rockville Road. The motorcyclist was driving along the road when a truck turned left into his path. The rider was taken to a local hospital in serious condition, but his injuries are not life threatening. Another accident, that Fox 59 reported on, occurred in June of 2017, near Georgetown road. The vehicle attempted to pull out into the roadway and the motorcyclist stopped abruptly to avoid a crash. This motion sent him over the handlebars or his bike, and he hit his head on the pavement. Although the cyclist was rushed to the hospital, his injuries were severe and he later died. In both of these cases, the drivers of the other vehicles remained at the scene, and they are under investigation from the Indianapolis police.

Both of these incidents indicate a serious lack of awareness that many drivers have about motorcyclists on the road. This led them to take actions which put the bikers in serious danger, and they could not avoid an accident. Although the drivers of the vehicle made the correct decision to remain on the scene, they must still face the consequences of injuring and killing another driver. Drivers of all vehicles must take extreme care to ensure that they are aware of all other people and drivers on the road. While it can be difficult for drivers to recognize a vehicle as small as a motorcycle on the road, with increased caution and preparation, they may be more capable of preventing motorcycle accidents.

The families and loved ones of these drivers are almost certainly facing significant emotional pain as a result of these accidents. Not only must they manage their grief, but they must also face the financial consequences of this loss of life and loss of income. Fortunately, Indianapolis personal injury lawyers are prepared to help families receive compensation in situations such as this. Although financial assistance will not end the pain of this loss, it can help maintain financial stability during this difficult time.

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Recognize The Right of Way And Avoid Car Accidents

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When driving in traffic, we often encounter the term “right of way.” Depending on road rules, this term refers to a driver giving priority to pedestrians or to another vehicle. Non-yielding to the right of way rule may subject the erring driver to fines or liabilities in case of an accident. According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, you can make the other driver liable for any accident that may happen for their failure to yield to right of way. Meanwhile, according to the website of Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller and Overbeck, P.A., even minor accidents can result to serious injuries, pain and suffering and other accidents.

In general, a driver approaching an intersection is governed by the right-of-way rule. Drivers who are turning left must give way to vehicles which are going straight or turning right. When there are two drivers at an intersection and they arrived at the same time at a right angle, the driver on the left is subjected to the right of way.

An Appleton personal injury lawyer would probably tell you that the right of way rules are designed to promote traffic safety. When a pedestrian or another vehicle gets in the way of a driver, this is where altercations, conflicts, and accidents can happen. The law does not allow an individual to the right of way but only sets rules on who should yield. So having an understanding of the right of way can help prevent accidents and make driving a more pleasant experience.

Emergency vehicles such as an ambulance, fire truck, police vehicle, or paramedic vans always have the right of way. To yield, move your vehicle to the far right side of the road and stop until the emergency vehicle has passed safely. When approaching at an intersection without STOP or YIELD sign, slow down and stop. When a vehicle is already in the intersection or approaching it in front of you, the car that arrived first has the right of way.

Pedestrians who are crossing at corners or crosswalks always have the right of way. Always keep in mind that just because they made eye contact with you, a pedestrian will yield the right of way to you. A simple understanding of the right of way can go a long way in preventing car accidents.

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